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Gentleman's book

Shanghai Dowson E-commerce Co., LTD, founded in 2018, is a cross-border e-commerce company with a registered capital of ¥5,000,000 RMB. The scope of business includes brand proxy, trading, online and offline retail. “The gentleman works hard on the basic principles, thereafter comes morality” is the motto of the company, which is committed to quality and integrity.

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At present the company has a Tmall flagship store, Xinmao flagship store, which, integrating classical life-caring wisdom and modern health situation, advocates the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine that the cereal essence plays a vital role in sustaining life. 

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We are constantly looking for valuable products and excellent strategic partners, and we look forward to going further and further on the road of cross-border e-commerce.
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Shanghai Daosheng E-commerce Co.

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